How to Get Her to Say ‘Yes’

Congratulations buddy, you’ve found your one woman in a billion. She’s the one destined to make you happy for the rest of your life. She’s important to your life and will be a huge part of your future. There’s no better reason to make you go down on one knee and offer her not only a pretty engagement ring, but your heart as well.

But you can’t just get down on one knee without really thinking it through, can you? Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. This is a mission, arguably the biggest you’ll ever undertake. Your wedding proposal is a bust if she says the word ‘no’. You don’t want that, do you?

That’s why your wedding proposal has to exceed her expectations. If it’s otherwise, then you could be left knee down in the dirt with your ears ringing from the sound of an unwanted answer. But relax; you’re in the right place. This is the perfect guide you need to get that ‘yes’ out of her.

Tips to Make Her say Yes to Your Wedding Proposal

1.     Make this about Her

If your wedding plans aren’t suited to your woman’s needs, then you’re doing it all wrong. The first mistake a lot of men make when proposing is that they don’t consider the woman’s preference enough.  What are your woman’s hobbies, tastes and interests? What are her passions? Does she love to travel; does she love a feast; or does she love books? Your wedding proposal should be themed around your woman wants.

2.     Pay Attention to Yourself Too

Suiting up when you dislike suits; and taking her to a fancy five-star restaurants screams ‘wedding proposal!’ in your lady’s mind. Believe us, she’ll know. Make the proposal also about you. If you’re a formal guy, doing something extravagant for a proposal may not be the best marker of your marriage intent. Remember, it is your moment as much as it is hers.

3.     Choose  a Day that Seems Special

Never propose to your lady on an anniversary, holiday or on her birthday. That’s too obvious and somewhat inconvenient. Why not you propose to her on the day you each confessed your intimate feelings—your first kiss, maybe? She’ll identify you as someone who remembers even the slightest details. It’ll make for an exciting story, years later.

4.     Choose the Right Ring

That gorgeous diamond engagement ring is worth much more than it costs. Your woman will adore it for a very long time. It’s absolutely necessary that you choose a unique engagement ring that suits the taste, style, interest, passion and personality of your bride-to-be.

5.     Make the Proposal a Complete Surprise

No matter what; she must not know what you’re up to. She doesn’t like surprises? Don’t bother about that: she’ll love your surprise proposal. However, it is paramount you drop hints before eventually popping the question.

6.     Get her nails done

Best believe, as soon as that proposal is concluded, it’s going on the gram. Her hands need to be in the best shape possible to gloss up the appearance of the ring on her fingers. So book her an appointment to get her nails done before you propose.

7.     Bend the Knee

A man getting down on one knee to propose is an absolute necessity. There may be more conventional proposals today, but kneeling before your woman is the fastest way to her heart. Call her by her full name; it builds suspense—she may even say ‘yes’ before you finish your pitch.










Juan Leal
Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

We’re really glad that you’re ready to pop the question. But a lot goes into a proposal, doesn’t it? You have to wade through the mechanics such as the perfect setting, the proposal pitch and, of course, the right engagement ring. By having these engagement ring ideas in mind, you’re on your way to getting that ‘yes’ from the partner of your dreams. So what should you do exactly when choosing the perfect engagement ring?

1.     Plan

The best plan here is ‘don’t panic!’ Yes, stop being paranoid about the proposal. We can’t really blame you for how you feel though. Society exerts a lot of pressure on finding the right engagement ring and, after that, throwing the perfect wedding. You should know, however, that this is a commitment between you and her. The perfect engagement ring idea will come to you if she’s always on your mind.

2.     Consider Her Style

The woman of your dreams has to be in your thoughts constantly. You have to think hard on your woman’s style. Things like her fashion sense, her favourite accessories, and her best color, are just few things you should consider when choosing an engagement ring. Her preference will come naturally to you if you constantly have her in mind.

3.     Budget

Money is also important. You’ll want to buy a ring that brings back the best investment. A budget is important as it helps you filter out rings that go beyond your spending limits. By shopping on a budget, you’ll be able to find a ring that’s the best value for your dollar. If you really want to buy something expensive, you can. Just make sure your financial situation isn’t worse off for it.

4.     Research Engagement Rings

Now that you know what your woman’s style is, and your budget is also set; then you can make online searches on the perfect engagement ring. You can find rings for sale on jeweller websites. Go through their collections, and scrutinise their portfolios. Are precious buyers happy with the rings they purchased? Reviews are also important when choosing the right jeweller. After research, visit the jewellers store in person. Don’t rush your visits. Take it one store at a time. And take enough time to weigh your options—she’ll be wearing that ring for a long time.

5.     Check Out Latest Trends

There is a high chance that your lady already has an idea of what type of engagement ring she wants. Women are very adept at keeping up with trends. So if you find some ring types (like fancy cuts, colored gemstones or rose gold) trending online, make a note on them. They’ll help narrow your search. You could even subtly ask the opinion of your lady’s trusted friend who wouldn’t spill the beans.

6.     Consider Custom Rings

You want something unique for you lady, don’t you? Then you could get her a custom ring design. Gather all the research you’ve made about your lady’s style, her preference together with your budget limit and give it to a jeweller who makes custom ring designs.

7.     Weigh Your Options

You’re almost there. This is the most important part. Even after making your research, asking a close relative or friend for suggestions, and consulting a custom jeweller, you still have to make the final decision. You and only you know what’s best for your woman.


Don’t overthink your ring selection. Pick the one that speaks to you. She will love it regardless of how it appears because you took the time to get or make it for her. Best of luck and ‘congrats!’ because we know she’ll say ‘Yes’.




Juan Leal
Ideas for a Romantic Proposal that Will Blow Her Away

‘Will You Marry Me?’ These four words are just as magical as ‘I love you’ but even more memorable, as they are the precursor to a lifetime relationship between you and your partner. This moment is just as scary to men as it is edifying to women. The toughest of men would panic at the thought of making a wedding proposal.

But don’t overthink it. She is the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. And if she’s done enough to show that you’re ‘Mr Right’ and not ‘Mr temporary’ then go ahead and bend the knee to your queen.

Don’t be scared of messing things up. Even the shadiest of proposal will forever linger on the mind of the woman. Best believe, no matter how simplistic or ordinary you think your wedding proposal looks; it will come off an unforgettable romantic experience to her.

What’s the worst that could happen? (Well, no man wants a ‘no’ for an answer, do they?) Here are various creative ideas you can use to secure the permanent love of the woman of your dreams:

Creative Ideas for a Marriage Proposal

The best marriage proposals are built around a theme. You should know what your woman loves. Does she love to read or is she the movie type?  Is she a foodie? Does she like pets; or does she love to travel? We’ve got marriage proposal ideas for all of this. Have a look:

Ring In Her Favourite Book

What’s your lady’s favourite book? Buy her copy of it. Tear out a hole in the book and place the engagement ring in it. Take her to a library so everything seems normal. Present to her outside the library, and get down on one knee while she flips through the book. Say something witty about ‘how your marriage is the next chapter of this love story’. Look how red she gets.

Recreate Her Favourite Movie

Find out what her favourite movie is and recreate a scene that she’ll definitely remember. Try as much as possible to include every detail of the scene that you can. She’ll definitely love the proposal.

The Karaoke Proposal

Take her to her favourite karaoke bar where she feels comfortable. Offer to sing a romantic song and get her up as backup. While it’s her turn to sing, swoop down to your knees and reveal the ring. Watch her fall short of breath while the audience watches.

Surprise Getaway

Get your girlfriend surprise plane tickets to her favourite resort. Take her out to a fancy restaurant and make your proposal. Or, if you really want to get crazy; propose on the plane—the flight attendants will surely help you out. Who could say no from 30,000 feet in the air? However, if your girlfriend flies around a lot, surprise her at the airport with a welcome placard that has her name on it and reads: ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Dinner Proposal

If you’re not the ostentatious type, simply take her out on a romantic date. But you can get creative with the ring. Place the ringbox around the dessert (not in! never in!) and tell her there is no dessert can be sweeter than spending the rest of your lives together.

Proposal Fails (Don’t ever do this)

·       Place ring in her drink or dessert—don’t choke your lady

·       Propose at renowned ‘engagement venues’—she already knows.

·       Propose to her on a birthday or a public holiday

·       Put the proposal on live video

·       Make it too public around a bunch of strangers


Still feel jittery about your wedding proposal approach, why don’t you hire a proposal planner? A proposal planner proffers advice, sets the scene and even writes your speech. You never have to worry about the headachy mechanics of your wedding proposal.  Congratulations!