How it works


Step 1.


We want to get to know you (and your partner) better!

One of our expert proposal planners will speak with you to get a clear understanding of your vision for the proposal.

We will ask you some detailed questions about you and your partner to ensure that the moment is deeply meaningful and memorable to both you.


Step 2.


Here’s where we take your vision and turn it into a tangible work plan.

We will take all of your ideas (and ours) and put together a “blueprint” which contains our top choices for the theme, venue, decor, and itinerary, among other details.

We will work with you to refine the blueprint until you are completely satisfied with the final product.


Step 3.


Time for execution! Our team will take care of all the bookings and arrangements for the big day.

A few days prior, we will walk you through a detailed itinerary and explain everything you need to know.

On the day, we will coordinate and execute every detail so that you can focus solely on delivering the perfect proposal!

“We couldn’t be happier with their attention to detail, the venue and decor. [Luxe Proposals] makes all aspects of the marriage proposal extremely easy.”
— Colin C.


FIXED PLANNING FEE - We charge a fixed planning fee which starts from $999 depending on the event’s complexity. This includes our planners ‘ time invested in creating a detailed plan with original ideas, researching the best venues and vendors in the city, and executing the proposal from beginning to end.

PLUS COST - On top of that, we charge the actual cost of executing the proposal, including flowers, decor rental, venue rental, photographers, and whatever else you need. Note that we don’t apply a mark up any of these items - these are all charged at the actual cost. Given our strong relationships with dozens of vendors in each city, the price we get for most of these items is typically a fraction of the market price and we ensure to pass all cost savings to you.

STANDARD PACKAGES - In addition, we offer a variety of standard packages that are more affordable as they do not require extensive design or creative thinking. If budget is a concern, ask us about them!

If you have any questions about pricing, let’s chat! We can work closely with you to ensure that whatever vision you have in mind can be made possible.