How to Get Her to Say ‘Yes’

Congratulations buddy, you’ve found your one woman in a billion. She’s the one destined to make you happy for the rest of your life. She’s important to your life and will be a huge part of your future. There’s no better reason to make you go down on one knee and offer her not only a pretty engagement ring, but your heart as well.

But you can’t just get down on one knee without really thinking it through, can you? Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. This is a mission, arguably the biggest you’ll ever undertake. Your wedding proposal is a bust if she says the word ‘no’. You don’t want that, do you?

That’s why your wedding proposal has to exceed her expectations. If it’s otherwise, then you could be left knee down in the dirt with your ears ringing from the sound of an unwanted answer. But relax; you’re in the right place. This is the perfect guide you need to get that ‘yes’ out of her.

Tips to Make Her say Yes to Your Wedding Proposal

1.     Make this about Her

If your wedding plans aren’t suited to your woman’s needs, then you’re doing it all wrong. The first mistake a lot of men make when proposing is that they don’t consider the woman’s preference enough.  What are your woman’s hobbies, tastes and interests? What are her passions? Does she love to travel; does she love a feast; or does she love books? Your wedding proposal should be themed around your woman wants.

2.     Pay Attention to Yourself Too

Suiting up when you dislike suits; and taking her to a fancy five-star restaurants screams ‘wedding proposal!’ in your lady’s mind. Believe us, she’ll know. Make the proposal also about you. If you’re a formal guy, doing something extravagant for a proposal may not be the best marker of your marriage intent. Remember, it is your moment as much as it is hers.

3.     Choose  a Day that Seems Special

Never propose to your lady on an anniversary, holiday or on her birthday. That’s too obvious and somewhat inconvenient. Why not you propose to her on the day you each confessed your intimate feelings—your first kiss, maybe? She’ll identify you as someone who remembers even the slightest details. It’ll make for an exciting story, years later.

4.     Choose the Right Ring

That gorgeous diamond engagement ring is worth much more than it costs. Your woman will adore it for a very long time. It’s absolutely necessary that you choose a unique engagement ring that suits the taste, style, interest, passion and personality of your bride-to-be.

5.     Make the Proposal a Complete Surprise

No matter what; she must not know what you’re up to. She doesn’t like surprises? Don’t bother about that: she’ll love your surprise proposal. However, it is paramount you drop hints before eventually popping the question.

6.     Get her nails done

Best believe, as soon as that proposal is concluded, it’s going on the gram. Her hands need to be in the best shape possible to gloss up the appearance of the ring on her fingers. So book her an appointment to get her nails done before you propose.

7.     Bend the Knee

A man getting down on one knee to propose is an absolute necessity. There may be more conventional proposals today, but kneeling before your woman is the fastest way to her heart. Call her by her full name; it builds suspense—she may even say ‘yes’ before you finish your pitch.










Juan Leal