Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

We’re really glad that you’re ready to pop the question. But a lot goes into a proposal, doesn’t it? You have to wade through the mechanics such as the perfect setting, the proposal pitch and, of course, the right engagement ring. By having these engagement ring ideas in mind, you’re on your way to getting that ‘yes’ from the partner of your dreams. So what should you do exactly when choosing the perfect engagement ring?

1.     Plan

The best plan here is ‘don’t panic!’ Yes, stop being paranoid about the proposal. We can’t really blame you for how you feel though. Society exerts a lot of pressure on finding the right engagement ring and, after that, throwing the perfect wedding. You should know, however, that this is a commitment between you and her. The perfect engagement ring idea will come to you if she’s always on your mind.

2.     Consider Her Style

The woman of your dreams has to be in your thoughts constantly. You have to think hard on your woman’s style. Things like her fashion sense, her favourite accessories, and her best color, are just few things you should consider when choosing an engagement ring. Her preference will come naturally to you if you constantly have her in mind.

3.     Budget

Money is also important. You’ll want to buy a ring that brings back the best investment. A budget is important as it helps you filter out rings that go beyond your spending limits. By shopping on a budget, you’ll be able to find a ring that’s the best value for your dollar. If you really want to buy something expensive, you can. Just make sure your financial situation isn’t worse off for it.

4.     Research Engagement Rings

Now that you know what your woman’s style is, and your budget is also set; then you can make online searches on the perfect engagement ring. You can find rings for sale on jeweller websites. Go through their collections, and scrutinise their portfolios. Are precious buyers happy with the rings they purchased? Reviews are also important when choosing the right jeweller. After research, visit the jewellers store in person. Don’t rush your visits. Take it one store at a time. And take enough time to weigh your options—she’ll be wearing that ring for a long time.

5.     Check Out Latest Trends

There is a high chance that your lady already has an idea of what type of engagement ring she wants. Women are very adept at keeping up with trends. So if you find some ring types (like fancy cuts, colored gemstones or rose gold) trending online, make a note on them. They’ll help narrow your search. You could even subtly ask the opinion of your lady’s trusted friend who wouldn’t spill the beans.

6.     Consider Custom Rings

You want something unique for you lady, don’t you? Then you could get her a custom ring design. Gather all the research you’ve made about your lady’s style, her preference together with your budget limit and give it to a jeweller who makes custom ring designs.

7.     Weigh Your Options

You’re almost there. This is the most important part. Even after making your research, asking a close relative or friend for suggestions, and consulting a custom jeweller, you still have to make the final decision. You and only you know what’s best for your woman.


Don’t overthink your ring selection. Pick the one that speaks to you. She will love it regardless of how it appears because you took the time to get or make it for her. Best of luck and ‘congrats!’ because we know she’ll say ‘Yes’.




Juan Leal