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Ideas for a Romantic Proposal that Will Blow Her Away

‘Will You Marry Me?’ These four words are just as magical as ‘I love you’ but even more memorable, as they are the precursor to a lifetime relationship between you and your partner. This moment is just as scary to men as it is edifying to women. The toughest of men would panic at the thought of making a wedding proposal.

But don’t overthink it. She is the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. And if she’s done enough to show that you’re ‘Mr Right’ and not ‘Mr temporary’ then go ahead and bend the knee to your queen.

Don’t be scared of messing things up. Even the shadiest of proposal will forever linger on the mind of the woman. Best believe, no matter how simplistic or ordinary you think your wedding proposal looks; it will come off an unforgettable romantic experience to her.

What’s the worst that could happen? (Well, no man wants a ‘no’ for an answer, do they?) Here are various creative ideas you can use to secure the permanent love of the woman of your dreams:

Creative Ideas for a Marriage Proposal

The best marriage proposals are built around a theme. You should know what your woman loves. Does she love to read or is she the movie type?  Is she a foodie? Does she like pets; or does she love to travel? We’ve got marriage proposal ideas for all of this. Have a look:

Ring In Her Favourite Book

What’s your lady’s favourite book? Buy her copy of it. Tear out a hole in the book and place the engagement ring in it. Take her to a library so everything seems normal. Present to her outside the library, and get down on one knee while she flips through the book. Say something witty about ‘how your marriage is the next chapter of this love story’. Look how red she gets.

Recreate Her Favourite Movie

Find out what her favourite movie is and recreate a scene that she’ll definitely remember. Try as much as possible to include every detail of the scene that you can. She’ll definitely love the proposal.

The Karaoke Proposal

Take her to her favourite karaoke bar where she feels comfortable. Offer to sing a romantic song and get her up as backup. While it’s her turn to sing, swoop down to your knees and reveal the ring. Watch her fall short of breath while the audience watches.

Surprise Getaway

Get your girlfriend surprise plane tickets to her favourite resort. Take her out to a fancy restaurant and make your proposal. Or, if you really want to get crazy; propose on the plane—the flight attendants will surely help you out. Who could say no from 30,000 feet in the air? However, if your girlfriend flies around a lot, surprise her at the airport with a welcome placard that has her name on it and reads: ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Dinner Proposal

If you’re not the ostentatious type, simply take her out on a romantic date. But you can get creative with the ring. Place the ringbox around the dessert (not in! never in!) and tell her there is no dessert can be sweeter than spending the rest of your lives together.

Proposal Fails (Don’t ever do this)

·       Place ring in her drink or dessert—don’t choke your lady

·       Propose at renowned ‘engagement venues’—she already knows.

·       Propose to her on a birthday or a public holiday

·       Put the proposal on live video

·       Make it too public around a bunch of strangers


Still feel jittery about your wedding proposal approach, why don’t you hire a proposal planner? A proposal planner proffers advice, sets the scene and even writes your speech. You never have to worry about the headachy mechanics of your wedding proposal.  Congratulations!