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Fairy Light Proposal


When Luisa and Cris met, Cris’ dog had recently passed away from a car accident. One day, they were strolling on the streets and noticed a small black dog wandering on its own. The same day, their neighbour (who was a vet) told them she has been looking for the little black dog’s owner for days. So, they adopted the dog together, named her Luna and began fostering other abandoned dogs since.


Luisa and Cris came to Vancouver for a vacation all the way from Mexico. Before dinner, Cris suggested that they take a walk along the beach. They passed by an empty park with gorgeous willow trees. As they got closer, Luisa noticed one particular tree was adorned with hanging twinkle lights, with rose petals and lanterns creating a perfect circle for them. It wasn’t until she spotted a sign hanging from the branches that read, “Te Cielo” where she realized what was about to happen.

This special message was inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo that quoted, “I Sky You (Te Cielo), so my wings can extend so wide to match with my love for you.”. Hanging from the twinkle lights were also pictures of their beloved adopted dog, Luna. Moments after she said yes, her best friends appeared from a nearby tree to surprise her. It was definitely a walk to remember. 



“Luxe Proposals is has the ability to tell a wonderful love story in a breathtaking moment. I have always believed that God lives in the details, and these guys place so much focus in details. Kim and Karen helped me so much by helping me build a wonderful moment that will last in our memories forever. The only explanation I can give about why these ladies can do what they do, because they do it with so much love. Thanks for being part of our lives.” –

Luxe Proposals can do what they do, because they do it with so much love
— Cris S.