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Industrial Light Proposal


Throughout both of their lives, Marshall and Alexa grew up in Miami close in proximity to each other but never met. With many mutual friends, they were separated by one degree. It wasn’t until a fateful evening at a local bar where Marshall officially met Alexa. At this point, they were following each other on Instagram, so he started with, “You’re so much more beautiful in person than on your Instagram.”. He realized he had botched his intro with a half-insulting half-complimenting statement by the look on her face. Luckily, they ended up having a great night and exchanged numbers.


While visiting Vancouver, Marshall made dinner plans with Alexa to experience Vancouver’s underground supper club scene. The secret location took place in a residential building, presumably the chef’s apartment. At the door, one of our planners greeted the couple, pretending to be a hostess.

Soft 50’s & 60’s R&B welcomed the couple into the dimly lit space. Rows of candles and hanging picture frames of their favourite travels led them to a glowing backdrop of cafe lights. On a crate were 2 airplane tickets with flight routes from Miami, Oakland and Atlanta – places where they were present at the same time, but never crossed paths. The final destination read: “To our happily ever after”, signifying the next chapter in their lives that was about to begin.



Kim, Jasmine and the rest of the Luxe Proposal team completely exceeded my expectations. My fiancée was completely surprised and loved all the care and details the team put into planning out the space & proposal. We emailed for months to coordinate everything and even though I don’t live in Vancouver, I always felt in contact and I could reach them at anytime. Luxe Proposals does amazing work!

The Luxe Proposal team completely exceeded my expectations.
— Marshall M.