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Elegant Loft Proposal


When Krishna and Colleen were friends, they would meet up on a weekly basis to learn new ways of cooking together. After many explorations and trying new activities, Krishna wanted to make it official with a proposal that displayed all of their memories in a luxurious way.


Krishna presented Colleen with an invitation to his work party. With a strict black tie dress code, the couple headed towards a restaurant. As Colleen entered the frosted doors to the private dining area, she was welcomed by a violinist and cello playing Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”. In front of her was a pathway of rose petals and candles that led to an elegant white backdrop. Hanging from the ceiling were glowing cafe lights and photos from their favourite travel destinations. After revisiting each memory, Krishna got down on one knee to ask the most important question he’s ever asked in his life.


From the planning leading up to the big day, there were many things that I would never have thought of myself. The ladies at Luxe Proposals made this very special occasion unforgettable for my soon-to-be wife and I. It was great to have someone on site who knows how to manage everything. The surprise couldn’t have been better, the look on my girlfriends face was priceless! Thank you very much!

It was great to have someone on site who knows how to manage everything.
— Krishna R.