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Beauty and the Beast Proposal


On the weekend of Lauren’s birthday, Lee planned the two of them to fly into Vancouver to spend the weekend. He arranged a “private exhibition” of art and rock music history before dinner at a high-end restaurant. Instead of an exhibition, they were led through a set of curtains that revealed a grand set-up pulled out of the movie, Beauty & the Beast. Two spiral staircases lined with candles met at the bottom, just like the scene where Belle and Beast meet before their first dance.

A dramatic backdrop cascaded from the top staircase, with florals, drapery, and candelabras in front of it. Sitting on the table was an infinity rose – just like Lee’s infinite love for Lauren. To feed Lauren’s love for rock and roll, a live band played a rendition of “Tale as Old as Time”. Finally, Lee presented the ring Lauren was not expecting to receive anytime soon.



“I had shopped around other proposal planning companies, and none could deliver the grandiosity I wanted to achieve. I am a pretty romantic guy that’s pulled off some elaborate things in the past, and wasn’t sure how I would top it. When I contacted Luxe Proposals, they were able to produce the level of extravagance that I was searching for. The team acted like the art gallery staff, and tricked Lauren until the very last moment. The rock band they hired was incredible and played sets of Lauren’s favourite songs. It was a weekend to remember.

Luxe Proposals was able to produce the level of extravagance that I was searching for.
— Lee M.