Sweet and Simple Proposal



Kenny is Jessie’s first boyfriend, and he plans to keep it that way. Together, the couple have traveled around the world from Japan and LA to Paris. With their anniversary coming up, Kenny knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally make things official.


On the day of their anniversary, Kenny told Jessie that he had booked a nice dinner with ocean-side views. Upon arriving to the restaurant, the table “wasn’t ready”. So, Kenny suggested that they walk around until the hostess called them. They strolled over to a viewpoint lookout, and to her surprise, something special was waiting for her.

Pink rose petals led to a sweet table full of desserts – Jessie’s absolute favourite type of food. Diamond ring cookies and ice cream cones filled with roses dressed the table, along with a beautifully written message in calligraphy. It read, “How sweet it is to be loved by you.” signed by “Ugly”. To Kenny, Jessie is the most beautiful girl in the world; often times, he would call himself “Ugly” as an inside joke. With playful balloons reading “MR.” and “MRS.” depicting their future, Kenny asked the question that would ensure his place as the only man Jessie has ever dated.



Working with Luxe Proposals was the best thing that I could’ve done.
“I’m honestly not a very romantic guy, but I wanted something sweet and simple, and Kim was able to bring it to life. I could tell that it was through hard work that she was able to get everything I wanted for me in my budget. This meant going through many options until it was just right.