Night in Paris Proposal



The first time Liang saw Qian’s picture on Facebook, he was blown away by her beauty. The two started off as friends, and even before she realized he liked her, all of her friends knew. Finally, in a car ride from Surrey to Vancouver, Qian realized that she had feelings for Liang. The two began dating ever since that fateful car ride.


On a Sunday evening, Liang invited Qian to his friend’s art exhibition after-party. After convincing her with a fake flyer, the two headed into a hotel ballroom. Instead, a beautiful walk down memory lane was laid out before them in a Parisian style that Qian loves. Street lamp posts documenting the most important dates in their relationship were displayed, along with photos and Liang’s recollection of each memory.

The rows of greenery and cafe lights led the two on a nostalgic journey of their relationship, which led them to a bench with her favourite white flowers and lilies. With Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran’s “I Was Made for Loving You” playing softly in the background, Liang asked Qian to marry him.



Luxe Proposals does amazing work. From the idea conception to the execution, everything was handled with grace. Karen is very detail-oriented and creative – I was very impressed with how she got inspiration from the car ride where Qian realized she had feelings for me, and mimicked the same “car ride” experience for the proposal. Luxe did it all – from coming up with a very believable plan to get Qian to come out, to planning and coordinating everything to the last minute. They even found a great photographer and videogapher that understood our style. I couldn’t have done it without Luxe Proposals.
— Liang L.