Secluded Beach Proposal



Gregory and Melanie have been together for the last 10 years and have a beautiful daughter together. Melanie loves being by the water, walking, talking and being in the great outdoors. With that in mind, Greg knew that his ideal proposal would encompass a long sea-side walk to a private al fresco drinks with the sun setting.


During a weekend in Vancouver, Gregory and Melanie stopped by Miku to grab some sushi. Afterwards, they planned to do one of Melanie’s favourite past times – a walk along the beach. The couple strolled for 30 minutes along Jericho Beach, until they hit the end of the walking path to a secluded area. There, a romantic lavender themed picnic was set up for them, with rose petals and candles scattered throughout. Their favourite drink, gin & soda, was iced and ready for them to enjoy. Delighted, Melanie sat down to enjoy the view, not knowing that Greg had got down on one knee beside her.



During the process, I was lucky to join Kim on the process of finding the perfect location. She was extremely helpful, patient and always had my best interests in mind. Everything I asked for – the details, the discreet photographer and the secluded setting came through. Melanie did not see it coming at all, and I have the ladies at Luxe Proposals to thank. We stayed for hours just chatting and enjoying the moment. It couldn’t have gone better.

LUXE was extremely helpful, patient and always had my best interests in mind.
— Gregory R.