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Luxe Proposals is Canada's proposal planners, available in Vancouver and Toronto. Services include creative wedding proposal ideas, best places to propose and engagement ring sourcing.
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Why We Decided to Rebrand



When we first entertained that word, the emotions that came to surface were: excitement, nervousness, and to be frank, a whole lot of “So… what now?”

Initially, we made a 1 month timeline, thinking that would be sufficient time to hash out our new direction; turns out, we needed three times that duration. Decisions did not come easily, as we were torn with one tough question:

How do we appeal to an industry with a male-dominant clientele, while maintaining our personalities?

kim karen lee luxe proposals wedding proposal

So… What Changed?

Our first year was filled with countless trials and errors, which were reconstructed and reshaped thanks to our wonderful clients. The final production revealed what our ideal client’s standards would be.

kim karen lee luxe proposals wedding proposal

  1. Our style is evolving – Our style became more complex, which began translating into the type of proposals that we want to create.
  2. Our clientele is changing – We began attracting clients who strongly share the same vision as we do: pull off the idea that seems impossible. 
  3. Our base is growing – It was time to expand our horizons, and take what we have learned in the last 1.5 years to launch into new territory. We needed to instill a brand that will propel us into the future.



The solution to our dilemma is simple – do not choose between extremely masculine or feminine. Instead, be both.

Indeed, it is vital to stick to a brand aesthetic in order to stay cohesive; but due to the romantic nature of our industry, marrying the two sides became a perfect oxymoron.We do not need to exchange our silly nature for a rugged or macho exterior. Instead, we agreed on an aesthetic that is timeless and can be appreciated by all genders and sexual orientations.


So, we shifted our gears to understanding what the primary needs of our clients are, which often times, can be evident or unspoken. By focusing on what they are looking for before, during and after the proposal meant we are able to refine our services to attend to each stage of their proposal planning journey.

For that, we are eternally grateful and elated to announce our new services aimed towards creating one-in-a-lifetime proposals; because a wedding proposal is not an isolated event – it is a new milestone that will be celebrated for decades to come.


Karen Lee & Kimberly Lee

Photo credits to Taryn Baxter, Kat Willson & Amy Teixeria. 


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