Winter Garden Proposal - Luxe Proposals
Luxe Proposals is Canada's proposal planners, available in Vancouver and Toronto. Services include creative wedding proposal ideas, best places to propose and engagement ring sourcing.
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About This Project


2 years ago, Adam met Farheen in the most unforgettable circumstances. They both showed up at the wrong wedding, but proceeded to pretend to know the guests present. They only realized their mistake when they saw a picture of the couple and had no clue who they were. After creating many memories together, Adam wanted to surprise Farheen with a thoughtful proposal that included their favourite moments. 


Adam had booked tickets for ‘The Nutcracker’ – luckily for Farheen’s lack of direction, she didn’t noticed as he pulled up to the Sheraton instead of the Four Seasons. Declaring that he was hungry and wanted to get a sandwich before the show, he led Farheen into the ballroom. Upon entering, Farheen took a step back and said to Adam, “This is pretty… looks like there’s an event going on.”

To her surprise, the walk down memory lane was dedicated to her. Chalkboards written in romantic calligraphy documented his favourite moments and his deepest feelings for her. An aisle dressed in her favourite orchids and roses welcomed her in a Winter Wonderland fashion. Soft jazz music welcomed her, alongside rows of flickering candles. While Farheen tried to grasp that Adam was not here to get a sandwich, Adam dropped to his knee and asked Farheen to be his wife.



I had an idea of what I wanted, and Luxe Proposals was able to piece it all together but make it even better.

“Both Farheen and I have extremely busy schedules (we’re both rotating doctors in the hospital), and barely have time to plan anything together. Working with Tara was easy, straightforward and hilarious. She came up with great ideas in terms of decor, which is something I’m not familiar in. Farheen was blown away and this is something we’ll cherish for years to come.” – Adam S. 


Proposal Planning – Luxe Proposals
Photography – Simply Lace
Venue – Sheraton Toronto