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About This Project


Originally, Oscar explored the idea of a helicopter proposal – but realized that he wanted to make things more sentimental. Oscar knew that he wanted to incorporate Disneyland – a trip that Athena loved the most and anything beach-themed.


Under the impression that they were going to Oscar’s sister-in-law’s anniversary party, Athena came prepared with a cake. When she arrived to the private garden, she couldn’t believe her eyes. With a grand entrance with sea shells to reflect her love for the sea, Oscar sat her down inside a cozy gazebo, adorned with the last peonies of the season.

Oscar began to serenade her on his guitar with a song, “Full House” under a sky of romantic fairy lights. Behind them was a Disney-themed “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” sign and 2 years of memories strung in photos. After a beautiful song, Oscar got down on one knee to ask Athena’s hand in marriage. In turn, Athena gave Oscar a teary, yet happy, “Yes.”.

sweet serenade park proposal
sweet serenade park proposal


“It is amazing how quickly these ladies work!!! From their response time to the execution everything was perfect. I had a last minute change of plans and these ladies put together my dream proposal within two days. It included décor, the location, how to surprise her and who would be involved. Together, we came up with ways to get Athena to the proposal spot without her being suspicious. Thank you ladies!” – Oscar P.

I was so impressed by how thorough and detailed their presentation was. ``

Proposal Planning – Luxe Proposals
Photography – Kat Willson
Venue – University Golf Club