Sweet Bake Sale Proposal - Luxe Proposals
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About This Project


12 years ago, Gary met Malindar during a bake sale she was hosting in highschool. She heckled Gary to buy cupcakes from her, where he promised that he would after school. He ended up forgetting to until the very last day, where he ended up buying out her entire table of 2-3 dozen cupcakes. 


Both Gary and Malindar are private people, and Gary wanted a quiet spot in Whistler tucked away from the rain. So, we re-created the time Gary first met Malindar with their very own bake sale. A table dressed in greenery and exactly 3 dozen cupcakes welcomed the couple, accompanied with flickering candles and cafe lights.



What made everything easier was the trust in each other and communication.``

“I had an idea how I wanted things to be, but just couldn’t get everything together for a certain days. It was great seeing an idea be put together with extra touches by you and your team. What made everything easier was the trust in each other and communication through phone calls, text messages and emails. It was awesome, thank you!” – Gary R. 


Proposal Planning – Luxe Proposals
Photography – Kaoverii Marapon
Venue – Nita Lake Lodge