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About This Project


Earlier this year, Steve had plans to propose in Europe – but environmental factors forced him to postpone. This time, Steve was determined to create an unique marriage proposal that fit Betty’s style (“rustic glam”). The most important feature? She has to be surprised. After many new plans and new ways to trick Betty, we finally made the plan “Betty-proof!”


Throughout their relationship, they have traveled to many places, with Steve “chasing” Betty every step of the way. So, we created a map with travel tags, marking their adventures. Instead of a marriage proposal video, Steve decided to do a Love Actually proposal, drawn by an Edmonton-based cartoonist. We worked with Steve to produce the perfect storyboard that re-lived their life milestones together. At the end of it, this roller-coaster was definitely worth it!

love actually sketchbook proposal
love actually sketchbook proposal


“My fiancé is a VERY smart and suspicious person, I told [Luxe Proposals] that it was going to be tough surprising Betty. They went above and beyond when plans suddenly changed; Karen helped calm me down and explained step by step how they would fix the issue. They were both quick to answer phone calls, emails and text messages.

To the men who are wondering if they should use Luxe Proposals, do it, you won’t regret it.

If I ever needed something, they would have a solution within hours. They even came up with 4 to 5 different locations and sent me pictures of all of locations from different angles, so that I could choose the perfect spot. In the end, it’s about creating the perfect marriage proposal for your future fiancée and I would not have been able to do it without their help. Trust me… I’ve tried.” – Steve H.


Proposal Planning – Luxe Proposals  
Photography – David Tam
Decor – Past Pieces
Venue – This Open Space
Make-Up & Hair – Envy Me Studio