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About This Project


For Shana, her top 3 favourite things are: family, musicals and the movie, “Little Mermaid”- in fact, her hair is red just like Ariel’s. Cody knew that their family cruise coming up would be the perfect time to propose to her. 


On the day of the proposal, the family arranged to have dinner at Cactus Club by the beach. Before that, the family suggested to meet on the beach to take pictures. When Cody and Shana arrived, the sun was in Shana’s eyes as she approached a group of people lined up in a row. As she got closer, she realized it was her family holding a sign that read, “Shana, Will You Marry Me?”

Behind them was the surprise of her life – a scene right from her favourite movie, Little Mermaid. There was a rowboat decorated with florals and a mirror that read Prince Eric’s infamous line from the movie – “You’re the one I’ve been looking for – Prince Cody”. On the side, an acoustic guitarist was singing a rendition from her favourite musical, “Into the Woods”. Unlike the movie, Cody was not afraid to kiss the girl. Needless to say, Shana said YES in her fairytale Disney dream come true.



“Luxe Proposals did an exceptional job organizing our engagement. My fiancée and I were traveling prior to arriving in Vancouver and the attention to detail of the setting astonished her. The flexibility and communication of both Karen and Kim stand out as highlights of their excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this service for every guy looking to make every detail perfect. ” – Cody G.

I would highly recommend this service for every guy looking to make every detail perfect. ``

Proposal Planning – Luxe Proposals
Photography – Christine Pienaar
Videography – Life Studios Inc. 
Florals – Flower Factory
Mirror + Calligraphy – Maurelle Design & Calligraphy
Rowboat – Deer Lake Boat Rental