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About This Project


When Mike first met Stacie, it didn’t start off as a love story. Their first encounter was in Grade 2, where they were sitting next to each other among 500 other kids in a school picture. They dated in middle school and during some time in highschool; after, they lost touch for 10 years. The pair didn’t re-connect until Stacie became a teacher and worked at the same school as Mike’s sister.


Their favourite spot is a similar gazebo in Osoyoos, where they would take pictures of the gazebo and send it to each other. It only made sense for the proposal to take place at Rocky Point Park’s gazebo, where Mike first asked Stacie out. Brought under false pretenses that they had a family photoshoot, Stacie was amazed to find an aisle full of photos and rose petals instead.

The pair were welcomed with a mailbox that read the address of the first home they ever bought together, and “PS. I Love You”. Resting on it was a postcard, similar to the one Mike wrote Stacie 12 years ago. Their school picture from Grade 2 was glued to the back of it. Cascading from the gazebo was a storybook backdrop outlining Mike’s special message, with two empty boxes that allowed Stacie to mark “Pass” or “Fail” – an ode to her teaching background. To make up for bullying Stacie in middle school, Mike promises that he’ll spend the rest of his life making it up to her.



Luxe took all of these ingredients and created a masterpiece proposal that was absolutely stunning.``

“Working with Kim and Luxe Proposals made my proposal memorable. I provided the ideas, my story, and the goals I was trying to accomplish. Luxe took all of these ingredients and created a masterpiece proposal that was absolutely stunning. Once everything was confirmed through the various blueprints, an itemized and very detailed invoice is provided to show exactly what to expect. The process leaves absolutely no questions as everything is clear and upfront.

As a person, Kim was amazing. She is so positive and full of great ideas. She is extremely respective and professional, even when I think something won’t work out as planned, Kim counsels me to an understanding! Kim’s personality is perfect for these proposals and it is clear she loves what she does; we worked so well together. She is a genuine person who sincerely wanted to make my fiancee and I have the most happy, perfect, and memorable day possible. I could not have done it without you, Kim. Thank you so very much.”


Proposal Planning – Luxe Proposals
Photography – Christine Pienaar
Calligraphy – Maurelle Design & Calligraphy
Ring – Minichiello Jewellers