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Outdoor Places to Propose in Vancouver

When Vancouver is not living up to its name “Raincouver”, the outdoor scenery is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, Googling places to propose in Vancouver just doesn’t cut it. Besides the obvious choices, Engagement Ring Sculpture or Capilano Suspension Bridge, what are some hidden gems for the best proposal locations? Finding an unique location requires research, gas mileage and a patient heart. Luckily, we’ve got all three! Below, we’re revealing 5 places to propose in Vancouver this summer.

1.  Garden Archways in Downtown Vancouver

Image result for stanley park rose garden

Tucked away in an easily accessible park are these gorgeous archways. Not only does this provide you free structure to hang photos and/or lights, you’re blessed with roses that bloom this season for a romantic feel.

2. Secluded Dock in Burnaby


Unbeknownst to your naked eye, sits a secluded dock hiding behind a few tall shrubs. This one takes a little bit of searching, but once you’ve found it, it’s feels like New York’s Central Park. If you’re wondering where to set up your picnic proposal, this is it!

3. Park with Mountains in North Vancouver

Image result for cleveland dam wedding

Truth be told – we haven’t even used this wedding proposal spot yet! For those who don’t know, we have never used the same proposal location more than once, unless it is specifically requested. Why? Because each couple has their own unique characteristics about their relationship, and so does each location. This breathtaking landscape screams “West Coast”, as it encompasses water, mountain and sky. Is that going to be you?

4. Secluded Beach in West Vancouver

teepee beach proposal

English Bay, Third Beach, Kitsilano Beach… you know them all! While those are unquestionably some of the best beaches in our city, they are also the busiest. For a wedding proposal, you’d want a place that’s private and quiet. You may even drive by this without even noticing it – it’s that private. Just imagine a quiet dinner here on a warm summer evening.

5. Iconic Lions Gate in North Vancouver

north vancouver proposal spot

What we love about this coveted spot is that it encompasses multiple elements: Lions Gate Bridge, beach and a water view. While it is located in a busier area, this walkway is located at the end of the beach, leading out into the water. Once sunset hits, the bridge’s lights dances with the quiet waves overlapping the rocks. Gorgeous.

There you have it! These are some of our 5 best places to propose in Vancouver. This was hard for us to decide because there many, many more (Psst… do we sense a Part 2?). Do you want the free inside scoop of where these are located? E-mail us HERE below and get the list!

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