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How Not to Get Ripped Off Buying Engagement Ring

2 years ago, we shared 4 engagement ring rules. This year, we’ve partnered up with various diamond dealers to learn the in’s and out’s of how to buy a diamond engagement ring. Below, we reveal our updated rule list of how not to get ripped off when buying an engagement ring.

1. How much should I spend?

As always, forget the 3 month salary rule. Thanks to a jewelry ad by De Beers in 1930’s, standards on the $ for a ring was created. In fact, most women do not want their S/O to overspend, and prefer to put the money towards an investment (a house).

These range of women share their true feelings about their engagement rings HERE and HERE. Your goal is to decipher which comment resonates with your S/O, which will determine. The best thing to keep in mind that getting 0.2 Carats off of your desired Carat size will offer significant savings, but without a huge difference in diamond size (i.e. 1.8 Carats vs 2 Carats).  

2. What is the most important C?

All 4 C’s are interdependent with each other – that means each of them contribute to the end result of the diamond. If we have to choose, our diamond dealers would choose ‘Cut’ as the most important C. Even if the diamond has great clarity and colour, the diamond can lose its sparkle and brilliance if its not cut properly to reflect the light.

An excellent cut also means it’ll make the diamond look bigger, which means savings on the other C’s! The best way to see the differences is to compare the cuts with lower range cuts in person.

Photo by Kim James

3. What if I don’t know her ring size?

Get a standard size 6, and return for a re-sizing. Keep in mind that this is only possible if there are no diamonds on the band. You can always add side diamonds after. Some jewellers even offer a “placeholder engagement ring”, which is a temporary ring for you to propose with. This is a great option if your ring isn’t ready in time, if your S/O prefers to pick their ring themselves, or if you’re proposing in a location that risks losing the ring (i.e. a cliff).

Photo by Christine Pienaar

4. How do I qualify whether their diamonds are good?

Aside from GIA certification, a good way is to ask the jewelers what their diamond quality standards are. Look for jewelers that hold D-F in color, VS+ diamonds and excellent cuts as their primary inventory. Most women prefer a better quality diamond than a big one that has visible cloudiness, but it ultimately depends on what your S/O is interested in – quality or quantity? 

Still have questions? Browse our Diamond Club‘s commonly asked questions and answers, or contact us for more insight!

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