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6 Tips to Avoid Messing Up Your Wedding Proposal

Pulling off the perfect proposal is not easy – there are a thousand things to consider leading up to the big moment. Has anyone ever said no? How do you avoid screwing it up? After almost 100 wedding proposals under our belt, we’re sharing 6 fool-proof tips so that you don’t mess it up. As seen on Eligible Magazine.

Marriage Proposal Tips - Site Visit

1. Site Visit – Just because it looks good on Google, doesn’t mean it will be inviting in person. Often times, beautifully shot locations will surprise you. The key is to design your proposal around the venue space. Questions to think about are: does it have beams for you to hang photos from it? Are there outlets for lights? How easy is it to access? This will ensure you will use the space to its full advantage.

Marriage Proposal Tips - Privacy

Photo by Simply Lace Photography

2. Who should know? – This goes beyond telling anyone that is susceptible to spilling your secret. Today’s biggest surprise giveaway is none other than Snapchat from friends who may be a part of the proposal. Always ensure your entire party is aware of the time of the proposal.

Marriage Proposal Tips - Photographer

3. Photographer – Most proposals happen within a span of 1 minute. For the bride, 1 minute breezes by because she’s still trying to process what is happening. Get a photographer that’s experienced in capturing paparazzi-style proposals, and one who owns a long lens. That way, they can hide from a distance and capture the proposal discreetly.

Marriage Proposal Tips - Dress Up

4. How to make her dress up – If you’re getting a photographer, this is next on the list. No matter how beautiful you think she is in 3-day old hair and XL sweatpants, she’s going to appreciate that you gave her a heads-up. The trick to getting her to dress up is inviting her to a work gala or a charity fundraiser.

Marriage Proposal Tips - Where to Hide Ring

Photo by Christine Pienaar

5. Hiding the Ring – A no-brainer, right? Ring boxes are commonly hidden in the jean or front jacket pockets. This small detail could risk revealing the whole surprise. The safest place is to put the ring box inside the jacket breast pocket. If she loves hugs and poking you, make sure she won’t accidentally graze the box.

Marriage Proposal Tips - Speech

6. Winging the speech – This is pretty darn cute, but if you’re not a naturally expressive person, there is an 80% chance that you might forget and stumble on the speech.  If you want to speak from the heart, consider coming up with a base idea and reciting it quickly in your head 2-3 times. Always say your speech before you show the ring, or she will barely concentrate on what you’re saying.

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