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2 Year Anniversary Reflection

It’s incredible to think that 2 years has whizzed by. This year, we took a big leap in expansion with a new strategy. There is no doubt that there are times that feel like things are not moving; that is, until you take a step back and realize all the changes that have slowly progressed. While we still have many goals that we’ve yet to accomplish, we have a lot to celebrate this past year.

  1.       We re-branded and expanded into Toronto
  2.       We planned 47 tear-dropping and unforgettable proposals
  3.       We got featured in over 2 dozen publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Toronto Star, CTV Morning Live and Global News Morning Show.

In honour of the 2 years of ecstatic “Yes”‘s, we’d love to show you some never-before-seen photos taken behind a few proposals that took place.

This proposal is so special, because it took place on January 1st, right after midnight. We were the first ones to congratulate our newly engaged couple, Will and Anna. Here, Denise Lin has captured us toasting them with celebratory champagne, shortly after Anna said yes.

Before every proposal takes place, we choose the side that the groom should stand on, take a picture and send it to them. This way, they will always know where to stand. For some reason, Karen is always the groom.

Tu and Phuong’s proposal took place in the beginning of the year – which was during the coldest day in winter. The day began with our trolley getting stuck in the soft snow. Luckily, Grouse Mountain was kind enough to transport us and our decor to the proposal spot. The catch? The truck only had 1 seat. So, we rode in the back of an open truck.

Thanks to temperatures dropping to -10 degrees, we encountered some difficulties. Our garland began to crumble, our music player and our phones froze. This disabled our communication with Tu, and we didn’t know whether the couple had arrived or not.

So, we sent a team member to meet him at the front of the chalet and guide him to the proposal spot. The outcome? This proposal became the most re-posted proposal of all time. See for yourself HERE.

You might think that we get to witness every proposal that takes place, but that’s not always the case. There are many instances where we are hiding in our cars, in another room or even in a bush (true story). The times we get to meet the bride-to-be are indescribable – just like this photo captured by Matdivad at Kyle and Jaspreet‘s winter proposal.

The bonds we create turns into true friendship, and we’ve been blessed to attend 3 weddings of our clients this year. Here we are at Jon and Maya‘s stunning wedding (planned by Events By Aly).

It was the start of the winter for Gary and Lemar’s proposal, and the weather was quite chilly at this point. But when Kaoverii started snapping behind-the-scenes photos of us, we decided to take off our jackets because we wanted to show off our branded t-shirts (haha). Could you have guessed that we were shivering?

We may be laughing in this photo, but this was 5 minutes before Humberto and Mariana was supposed to arrive. A big gust of wind blew over the easel, the sign and all of the lanterns over. In last minute scrambles like these, you just can’t help but laugh at the darn timing.

So, there you have it. That wraps up our bloopers and a few favourite moments from last year. We hope you enjoyed our behind-the-scenes moments. Wishing for nothing but more friendships, more tears and most importantly, more “YES”s.

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